About Us

The Digital Content Editor

I’m Madeleine! I’m mom to Lovebug, a feisty little man who I was lucky enough to bring into this world in 2013.  I’m also wifey to L, a handsome man with strong arms and a stronger heart.  When I’m not here, I’m there and everywhere, working in an office with amazing people who create amazing things.  But, we don’t get to read kiddo books at work.  What’s up with that, anyway?  I took a book to the office one day and got the funniest looks.  Maybe envy it was?

I spent my childhood Saturdays at the library, and now I spend my adult Saturdays at the library with Lovebug. When I received my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, I dreamed I would go down a literary path. Alas no, my career took a different course; so perhaps this blog will satisfy that missing piece that lets me take kiddo books to work!


Kiddo Book Reviews

Kiddo Book Reviews evolved from the simple activity that is the evening bed-time story with the kiddo.  With each story, this mom worried that her little Lovebug wouldn’t remember, as he got older, and experienced more books, how much he enjoyed each story.  So it has become a cataloging of sorts that I am putting online slowly, slowly, slowly.  Like a sloth.  (Hee hee, inside joke.)

Even at my mommy age, I can recall a handful of amazing stories that I read as a child; but I can’t recall the titles, or the authors, or much more than the vibrant memories. Oh, to find those stories again and share them with my little man!  Which books did you love the most?  Do you have any missing book-links in your memory like mine?