Dinosaur Rescue! by Penny Dale charms with wordplay and vibrant imagery.

Dinosaur Rescue! by Penny Dale (book cover) It’s a story of dinosaurs!  It’s a story of trucks and trains!  It’s a story of dinosaurs driving, piloting, and conducting vehicles.  (Rescue vehicles no less!)  But it was the train’s “Chugga!  Chugga!  Chugga!” and the helicopter’s “Choppa!  Choppa!  Choppa!” that got his attention immediately.  Not that Lovebug cares what it’s called, but the use of all that onomatopoeia certainly got my little man hooked on the actions of the Dinosaur Rescue squad.  It only took a couple of readings before he was engaging the sounds effects right along with my reading.

Dinosaur Rescue! provides a colorful glimpse of what a child might imagine as he is pushing his awkwardly-fitting dinosaur, squeezed into the fire truck, around the living room.  With each turn of the page, we see another beautifully-crafted scene: modern transportation paired with prehistoric culture.  Oh, those aren’t supposed to go together?  Well, who are we to interrupt their reality?  Frankly, this one is more fun.  And, it’s even easy to disregard the intentional use of incomplete sentences; no grammar rules allowed here.  Rather, the narrative cleverly brings the action to life.  With the vibrant illustrations, there is so much to see and do.  And it’s all wrapped up in this little book!

“Police dinosaurs racing.”  Telling the tale of a day in the life.  The life of Dinosaur Rescue!  (See what I did there?)

Dinosaur Rescue! © Copyright 2013 by Penny Dale, Nosy Crow Ltd. (an imprint of Candlewick Press)


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